Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Blessings....

Mom and I had a great day together on Friday. It took me awhile to get in "the groove", but once we started visiting our usual places it felt like I was just there. We went to a couple of thrift stores, had a wonderful lunch of fish and chips at the local Pub, went to the post office and landed in Walmart for some grocery shopping. We managed to take time to see my "other sister", Kathy, (manager at Steinmart) and she gave me the best hug. We haven't seen her since the diagnosis, so it was great to touch base with her and the other ladies Mom used to work with.

These days we spend a lot of time sitting in a room waiting for tests or treatments to be done, so not being used to spending a day running around, at 3:30 pm it hit me. I was all of a sudden exhausted. Mom was keeping up better than me. I'm on this medicine for the diverticulitis and it has me wired at first and then I bottom out in the afternoon. I only have one more day left to take them, so hopefully next week I will be back to normal, (whatever that is these days). We stopped at Krispy Creme (that's right SUGAR BUZZ!) for a break and that perked me up a bit. It was just nice to spend the day with Mom, see Bob and all the little puppies. When I walk in their house, you would think I was the most important person there. I can feel the Love!!

Zack spent the day mostly sleeping, He was tired from the week and had a hard time sleeping the night before. He managed to get some school work done, but when he is that tired, it's hard to fuss at him for not doing more. There is plenty of time over the weekend for him to do more.

It's Saturday, we are getting ready for our annual fish fry and Zack's 17th Birthday. He didn't want a special party, so he just asked us to have our fish fry. Luckily his counts are good, so he will be able to see everyone, of course no one coming has been or is sick, all our and his friends know the danger in that.

Today was awesome! Frank went fishing for awhile. I wasn't able to sleep past 6:30, so I went ahead and got up and started to get the house in order. There wasn't that much work that needed to be done so by noon I was finished and able to sit and watch TV. After a bit of a rest I decided to finish the rest of the third quarter bookkeeping so that I could get it to our CPA early. Now, we never know what is going to happen, so it's best to get stuff done when we have the time. It feels so good to have it all done and ready to go 15 days ahead of schedule. Putting Quickbooks on my laptop has saved me so much hassle and makes it a lot easier to stay on top of it all. Just because "life" have changed, doesn't mean "life" gives us a break. We still have to do everything we were doing before. Someone actually told me when Zack was first diagnosed that I would have to quit my job because I wouldn't be able to keep up with everything. WRONG!! I see that as a challenge, tell me what I can't do and watch me soar! Of course, I am finally learning to rest when I need to, which is not that easy for me.

Zack stayed up at Drakes for the night. He came home this morning long enough to haul off a load of trash to the land fill and help Frank and I install a new ceiling fan in his room. His other was from a thrift store and was impossible to balance. This one is nice and he is so excited that it doesn't dance around. (It's the simple things that makes him happy these days). He was also at his friends house working on the ATV on and off today. They are getting it back in shape, it's been sitting for a couple of years and just needs some fine tunning. He is feeling really well and is excited about tomorrow's party.

I received a call from one of our dear friendsKaren Ann asking if it was okay to do a Mary Kay fund raiser for us. She has put the information on Face Book and has promised 50% of all sales on her site to go to us. She and her husband watched as his mother passed away from bone cancer and wanted to do something for Zack. The blessings just keep coming!

Like I said before, something else is in the works.. but waiting for confirmation.. so I will keep you posted....

I will leave the post with a video of our new friend... a white squirrel that found the food I put out for him. Nature is the one thing that grounds me. The birds, squirrels and yes even frogs are a large part of our landscape. I hope you enjoy!

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