Friday, September 14, 2012

Smile for the camera!

After a fairly restful night, Zack and I awake to cheerful Amy. A talkative, energetic nurse that brings a smile to our faces every time she walks in the room. (even with the chemo cocktail). She loves what she does and loves caring for Zack. Amy is considerate, she makes sure the "beeper" on the IV machine is turned down low so as not to irritate us with the noise. She comes in before it sounds to change the back, organized and consistent is the name of the game with Amy.

Our day was fairly routine. I played Facebook games, caught up on my emails, arranged meetings with Zack's teachers and organized his school deadlines. It is all a bit overwhelming and after a melt down on the phone with the Vice Principal, I'm hoping the meetings with his teachers will help. They can show me how to use Moodle and Chrome book so that I can better understand what Zack needs to get done. He has English Honors, Three elective courses and His Senior project to graduate. All should be completed by December and he will then be able to walk the stage with the rest of his friends, and I will be one less nervous breakdown. Everyone is in agreement Home Bound is not the best option for Zack, but it's the only one at this point.

I run out for about 45 minutes to see if I can locate a student scheduler, but nothing out there is better than what I have already found online. I grab us lunch and return to Zack, who is surprised I was back to fast. I just didn't want to run around while he was stuck in a hospital bed. It was nice to get out for a few minutes, but just as nice to be back with my "little" buddy. Every time I try and take a picture of him, he covers his face or has a serious expression, but I have fun trying! Actually we both have fun trying, I stand there with my phone and giggle until he forms a smile, and what a devilish smile it is. Boy do I love this kid! Going through everything he is, he still manages to have that smile and laugh and be caring. When he was created, they certainly broke the mold.

Tonight I order Chinese to be delivered to the Hospital. Zack has not eaten since yesterday and even the sandwich I brought at lunch didn't seem to excite him, so I try and get him something he might enjoy. I had decided I didn't want to leave him as he still isn't feeling great, not to mention.the parking makes it almost impossible to find a spot until after visiting hours 9 pm. The nurses at the front desk are all plotting to hide our meals when they arrive. I must say for the work they do, the majority of the staff are cheerful and helpful.

We talk with Frank at the end of the day. He was out grabbing himself dinner and was driving Zack's car. While we have been in the hospital, we had new tires and a new exhaust system put on it. Zack is so excited he is ready to go home now just to hear her purr. He is so excited about automobiles that he even has ME looking at them and taking pictures that I then forward to him. I'm even checking out the rims on cars.

It was nice to have the day to hang out with Zack and just relax. Tomorrow will be devoted to "hovering" over Zack to get more school work completed. They have been making the treatments one hour earlier each day so that we can get out Sunday morning instead of Sunday late afternoon. Hopefully we will be home by one or two, in time to catch up on laundry, unpack and have a "normal" evening at home before beginning work the next day.

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