Wednesday, September 26, 2012


X-ray technicians have a saying "unremarkable." This is when they don't find anything "bad" in "your" x-rays. I kind of like that term. When I asked Zack what to put in my blog today, he said "I went to Asheville, had my treatment and came home."

"Unremarkable" is immediately what came to mind. I then started to think. How nice it is to have an ordinary day with nothing remarkable and yet, how different is our world when an ordinary day involves going to work while your son goes with his friend for his chemotherapy treatment. When the highlight of you and your sons day was leaving the clinic at 1 instead of 6. When you are relieved to find out that he isn't as dehydrated as you "thought" he was. I rather enjoy an unremarkable day!

I arrive home from work and am immediately go on my laptop, send business statements and balance the checkbook all in a matter of thirty minutes. The phone rings and it is a call from Linda. She had received a phone call from Floyd yesterday. Big John owns an ATV (all terrain vehicle) and since he can't ride anymore, it had been promised to Floyd. Floyd called to ask Linda if it was okay with her, he would like for the ATV to go to Zack. He said that Zack has been through enough and he knows this would really cheer him up. Linda went to see John today and told him what Floyd said, John agreed and said that he wanted him to have it now for his Birthday! I held the cell phone up on speaker and Linda told Zack. He was speechless! He just sat there with his eyes and mouth wide open. He thanked Linda over and over again. He looks at me and says "Mom, I need to Thank Uncle Floyd too, this was supposed to go to him!" He also said that even though he was afraid to see John again, he needs to go and see him and thank him in person. Since we have left this decision up to him, if that's what he wants, I will be glad to take him on Friday after his labs.

So, in the midst of all the unremarkable things today. There was one remarkable surprise that lifted the spirits of one young man and for this we are grateful!

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