Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How could I forget?

I guess under the current circumstances one could understand why I would forget one of the most important days in my life. It wasn't until I saw Mom blog and FB picture that I "woke up". Two years ago today , the best man in my world lost his 13 year battle with Alzheimer's... my Daddy. We were visiting "Auntie" Lee for much needed rest. I knew if I didn't take my mother out of town for a few days that it wouldn't be long before she would join Dad. We were told he could go in an hour or three weeks. The nurses at the home came to me and said "Your Mom NEEDS to go, she needs to get out of town or she will not be far behind him." That's all it took for me to grab her and run. We received  THE call from my sister who was with him. It was the day after my brothers Bobby's birthday and the day before we were to leave to return home. Dad is finally at peace. As much as I miss him, I know that he is at peace and looking at use with pride. He knows that we are following a lot of his words by keeping positive, knowing that Zack is a child of God and is perfect! I can remember when I would be sick, Daddy would put his hand on my forehead and I would immediately feel calm and at peace. I now do that to Zack when he is having a bad day, and can feel my Dads energy flow through my hands. I am grateful for every blue butterfly and penny because I know it is Dad telling me it's all just fine!

My BFF Nancy is back from her visit with her mother, we had a nice relaxing lunch catching up on everything. We had an awesome day helping many people that missed us on Monday, so we stayed pretty busy until closing.  As each patient walked in, they would ask how Zack was and telling me of their prayers and good thoughts for us all.  It was nice to be back at work, Lord knows I thrive on routine!

After work I go to the grocery store to pick up bread and salad. I am greeted by Bill and Amy (Zack's "other" parents.. he has many amazing people that claim him). I get yet another great hug! Bill (Drake's Dad) offers to help more with Zack's car, I tell him that he has already done so much and won't let us repay him. He says "I don't know what you're talking about, what ??" Again, could we be more blessed? Zack has touched so many more lives than he realizes.

Zack has had a headache all day, it dawns on me that he hasn't had caffeine in a couple of days, so I tell him to have some tea and see if that helps. By the time I return home he is bouncy and feeling so much better. He is at his desk working on his school work (I emailed the Vice Principal and asked for deadlines for Zack to complete his work, without self motivation he just sits and waits to do his work). The entire day we were flooded with emails from his teachers, offering their help to come out to the house to get him on track and offering deadlines with the idea if Zack is having a rough day / week, I would contact them for an extension. Zack just found out the his Senior project (painting his car) has been approved "hands down!", so he is back on the motivation train and excited! Our backdoor neighbor is going to work with him on that with him so he is going to be close to home for the majority of the prep work.

We are scheduled to go to the Center tomorrow for more blood work, we will then see if he needs a transfusion. If he does, this will be another first for us. With each "first" we know what to expect the next time and we have less anxiety.

Proud Mom and daughter! 
My friends daughter is not coming home yet today. I am pleased as I think the hospitals tend to "push" their patients out too soon. Her counts are better, but they wanted to do another EKG to see if there is any change in her heart. I want to go to the Hospital and just hug them and "fix" everything! But again.. all I can do is make sure they know we are here for them!

 Big John... well, God bless him! The man is tough!

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