Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Life is like a box of chocolates"

Waiting for blood work
You never know what you're gonna get when you wake up in our house!
Zack is scheduled for more blood work today at 10:30 am to determine whether he needs a blood transfusion or not. We arrive promptly (well okay 10 minutes late) are greeted by Melanie who does the usual routine (weight, pressure, temperature). She asks Zack how he is feeling, he replies with "tired and don't want to be here, no offense". She looks at Zack and says "well I hope you won't need blood, but your lips are white and your color is pale too", and if your tired, that's a sign of low blood. She walks us to the back exam room and asks if Zack wants her to access the port or take blood from his arm. He tells her to go ahead and use the arm, just in case they don't need to give him the transfusion.

The transfusion begins
We are escorted to the next room to wait for the results and the doctor. About an hour and a quarter later the labs are back, his numbers are low. He will need two units of blood. We "kind of knew" this would happen from the beginning, but it doesn't mean when it DOES happen that we are prepared any more than when the words were first spoken. Zack noticed this morning that I was "edgy". I don't like the words they use, I don't like other peoples blood going into my kid, I don't LIKE ANY of this.. but it is saving his life and I am grateful for those that have donated the blood so that he can get healthier. Zack too has been shorter with me or maybe he is his usual self and I am just so much more sensitive today. I am on the verge of crying all day, but I have to hold it together and be the tough broad I am known to be. Of course, I want to be the whiny cry baby that is inside.

Holding the tube
Melanie orders the blood and tells us to go and have a quick lunch, in an uncrowded place and return by one for another blood test for his blood thinner. Dr. B comes in and checks Zack out. She says that we are doing the two units today and he should feel much better by tonight. In fact, he may have problems sleeping tonight. We are advised to keep a close eye on his temperature, if it reaches 100 we are to call them immediately and head to Mission Hospital. (They told this last week, but reminded us again today). Dr. B said that the blood clots are a genetic condition that Zack inherited from one of us. Knowing that both Frank and I have a family history of blot clots, I just tell Zack this is another reason to be aware of his body and do his best to stay healthy.

YUP... I am asleep!!
We return from a thirty minute lunch and are ready to start the transfusion. Melanie tells us it's going to be about two to three hours. I make myself comfortable on the long bench, as does Zack in his bed. I lay on my stomach and turn on the lap top with Grey's. As it turns out I fall asleep for about an hour and wake up a little more rested. Zack has managed to take a picture of me sleeping and is laughing at my position. At least I got him to laugh a bit.  He tells me we have visitors, it's Amy and Bill. They were in the area and couldn't go back to Brevard without seeing Zack. We had a nice visit, full of laughs for about an hour and shortly after we wrap up the infusion and are off until next Tuesday. Melanie tells us not to come in until then so that we can take some time off. We Love seeing them, but welcome the "normal" for a couple of days again before the Hospital stay.

As we head home my emotions are taking a hold of me. I am angry, tired, overwhelmed and just plain done!! I offer to bring home KFC and Frank says, "No that doesn't agree with me anymore, it's okay you guys get what you want, I'll find me something here at home", all I can think is.... OLD MAN!!!  I don't see that he is grateful and is looking out for what "WE" may want, I just get grumpy and tell him to get over the grump old man gig!! Funny thing is? I'm the grumpy "old" woman... Well maybe grumpy tired woman. But either way the whole conversation was silly. We opt out of KFC and just decide to grab fast food ( I know.. bad girl) and eat in car of the way home. We arrive at home after picking up his shots for the next three days (with insurance it is now $10!). It's about 7:30 pm and we are greeted by two smiling faces, Frank and Sidi (our shitzu). Zack's energy is picking up already. He received his stereo speakers for his car that he bought with his Birthday money from Mom (Meme) and can't wait to get to the car to install them.

I lay in bed, write my blog and find a new app for mine and Zack's phones where you can enter all of his homework and mark it as completed. This also syncs with the computer. I enter all of his work into the system and he is ready to begin. I think I'm more excited than he is about the app, but if it helps me keep track of his school work then it is well worth the time I spent putting in all the information.

My friend and her daughter are back home. They actually came home late last night and now it's just a matter of getting her energy and strength back and a follow up visit with a couple of doctors to see what is next for them. For now the family is back together and we know that has a lot to do with healing! The Love and positive energy in that house is boundless.

Big John is status quo.. "No news and all".......

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