Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're outta here!!!

As I headed out to work this morning, I was hoping that the day would run smoothly, that my head would be on my work and not my son, that I would get a lot accomplished and leave at the end of the day feeling as though I had put in a full day. It was an amazing day! It went so smoothly. At lunch I walked to our local European style restaurant , where I sat outside in the warm sun and had my mussels and french fries (Belgian comfort food). Once finished I walked downtown to check out Mom's jewelry booth, fluffed it up a bit and then returned to work the afternoon shift.

Frank and Zack headed out early this morning for his Neulasta shot and lab work. Originally we had been told we would also have to go in tomorrow for labs and possible transfusion. Most of the visits have ended up being half to a full day at the Center. Today, they are in and out in two hours. Imagine my surprise when Zack calls and tells me that we don't have to return until Monday because his blood count, platelets etc.. all came back well. Music to our ears! 

I immediately email Mom and tell her to get her shopping list ready, we are having a girls day out tomorrow!! A day without cancer. A day without bookkeeping,  medical bills,  phone calls, worries,  problems. Just a simple day of grocery shopping, thrift stores and relaxing lunch that doesn't involve a bag ( ie fast food).

Zack will have a normal day of school work. NOT his most thrilling of days, but since picking up the ATV tonight from Linda's house I have a new way to "threaten" him. No school - No ATV.  Hey a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. 

We are having a fish fry / Birthday party for Zack on Sunday. We are so excited, this will be our first party since the diagnosis and it will be wonderful to be surrounded by all our friends and family. For the first time in weeks I am feeling great, Zack is full of energy and feeling well and Frank is excited to cook all of the fish he and Jeff have been catching for the past few months. It is a time to celebrate! My "baby" will turn 17 and I am so proud of the young man he is. 

More awesome blessings came today, but I don't want to jinx it so I'm not going to share until it actually happens. You will just have to wait and stay tuned...............

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