Thursday, September 20, 2012

No, It's not Halloween.... yet!

Today was an amazing day. Not for me health ways, but for seeing again all the amazing people in our lives. I woke up this morning with intense intestinal pain. It subsided off and on throughout the day, but grew with intensity tonight. I took a nice hot bath hoping it would relax my muscles and I all of a sudden had the chills, so I took my temperature. It is 100.3. I know that is low grade fever, but since coming home I have sequestered myself to the bedroom. When Zack wants to tell me something, he stands at the door and talks loudly. I am wearing a surgical mask in bed and let me tell you, I look so glamorous!  Zack has his labs tomorrow, since I 'm in this condition and we don't and can't take any chances with him, he is going to get his friend to go with him. Hopefully by the time I need to take Mom for her appointment I will be feeling better. If not, we can't take chances with her either and will need to re schedule. I really really hope I feel better, I need Mom time with my own Mom!!

Sue, my friend since High School (1974) and I met today for some catching up. This is the first time we have seen each other since Zack's diagnosis in June. She and Nancy are working together on a fund raiser for Zackman. She took me out to lunch and we then went to the bank and opened a special bank account for Zack's fund raiser. Sue and Mark made a generous donation to open the bank account and she and I both sat in the bank nearly in tears as we were hugging. We feel so blessed and spoiled right now. Who would have thought that she and I would still be as connected (ME) for so many years and would be sharing this journey with us. Their plan is totally cool, but not mine to share, so you will all have to just wait and see. But it's going to be fun, that I know for sure. 

Zack has had a couple of very good days! He is feeling good and continues to get a lot of his school, house and car work caught up. We are so glad he is having a good week, he has had so many rough times of late and it's time for him to have more good days. He received his grade for one of his first tests and got a 97. The teacher was very pleased as are we!

Well, better sign off for now. Need to get some rest and let my body heal!!! Thank you again for your continued prayers, emails, texts and phone calls!! We KNOW we are not alone!

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