Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Try being ME (Zack) for a day!"

Zack and I head out early this morning. It is day one of the beginning of the third month of treatment. our appointment is at 8am and we have no idea what the traffic is going to be with school and work. Zack is in a grumpy mood, he tells everyone it is because he is not a morning person, but that is not the entire truth.

We arrive at the clinic and are greeted by the ever cheerful group of Nurses and Doctors. I had been teasing Zack in the waiting area, trying to sit on his lap, tickle him, anything to get him to smile. He had an empty plastic bottle in his hand which I grabbed and started hitting him with. He jumps up and we are chasing each other around the waiting room laughing. This continues down the hall after they come and get us. Everyone is saying how cool it is to see us cutting up. Our nurse tells Zack how she lost her parents at an early age and how cool it is to have the parents he has. (Smile). He, of course, then offers us to the nurse.

We are asked which room we would like. Zack doesn't care, so I ask for the room with the desk. I decided last night to download Quickbooks onto my computer so I can do the bookkeeping while in the clinic or hospital. I have gotten so far behind (one month) that I took me two full days to become current. Since I know today is going to be a long day, I was hoping I would get everything completed. (which I did!)

They start immediately with IV fluids. It is very important to have his fluid levels high. They can't start his treatment until he is fully hydrated. He had already drank three very large glasses of water before we left the house, and then had two SOBE drinks on the road. Angie is our nurse today, but everyone is coming in to talk to Zack, check in on him, see how he is after the car situation. I just don't know how Angie does what she does. She takes care of all these children each day and on her days off she cares for her Mother and Father who is not doing well with his cancer battle. This woman is surrounded by this disease and yet she is always bubbly and eager to be there for everyone.

The day is long. Zack sleeps, watches TV and sleeps some more. He works on his school work a bit, but the treatment and Benedryl keep in tired. I went to Sams Club for some much needed groceries, non refrigerated of course, ( it will be hours before we are home) and head back to Zack. Shortly after I  arrive Rhonda calls and is coming and picking up lunch for us all. We have a nice, but short, visit as she only had 45 minutes until she had to return to work.

As Zack sleeps, I work on the bookkeeping. As the day progress' his color leaves him again, his mood gets worse, he is tired, nauseous and ready to go home. At 3 pm we think we are almost out the door, but Angie comes in and tells us it will be 6 pm before we leave. They want to make sure he has plenty of fluids in him before going home. They make him drink this really nasty tasting stuff (he actually hold his nose while drinking it). Zack sleeps until it is time to go.

Zack machine starts to beep, a noise we are getting used to. He had already figured our on the first day how to silence it and call the nurse. At least that way we don't have to hear the darn thing. Angie comes in and that is our cue that time is up. I gather all my things, put them neatly into my computer bag and by the time I turn around, he is standing there ready to go. He tells me to take my time, but I know he wants to run for the door, so I rush even more.

As we leave Angie comes back and tells us we must be there tomorrow at 8:30am, (for his second treatment) Thursday at 9 (for his Neulasta shot) and Friday at 8 am ( labs and if needed another blood transfusion). NOW He is pissed! " Why do I have to come back EVERY DAY? I wanted to go hunting on Friday!" It is heartbreaking not to be able to look at them and say NO, he needs a day off. But we know the importance on staying on course. I tell him that perhaps Friday will be a short day, he simply says he doesn't care.

When we arrive home, Linda (mother in law) is there. We had asked her to come as we bought her a small gift as a Thank You for taking such good care of  Franks Dad (who is now in a permanent nursing home, still smoking away and telling his jokes to anyone who will listen). At my request, Frank had called her earlier asking if she could come to town, in her deep Southern accent her response "Oh Lord, what's she gonna do to me?" talking of course about me. Linda and I have always had a funny relationship, we call each other names and can talk on the phone for an hour.... well LINDA can talk on the phone for an hour.  While Linda is visiting  Drake stops by to check in on Zack. He is so cute, he walks in, gives me a hug and says "hey Mama." You can just feel the Love around us.

As everyone leaves, Zack starts to tire again. He must drink another dose of that yucky stuff (not the medicare term) and later tonight another blood thinner shot. Another day is done, tomorrow Chris (one of Zack's friends) is taking him. Let's hope it is a smooth day and he is home sooner than expected.

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